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iPad Art Showcase
Future/Canvas was created as a way to showcase cutting-edge iPad art and inspire the creation of more artwork at the intersection of the arts and sciences. The first show at the Box Factory in San Francisco was the first ever multiple-artist iPad art show and was attended by many tech luminaries including Steve Wozniak.

The show has gone through many incarnations from the original mid-size one day show at the Box Factory to a large month long show at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in 2011. Through its evolution the show has continually changed showcasing new artwork every time.

The most current form is a small pop-up show including 10-15 iPads that can be displayed at nearly any location. The show can be setup in less than 30 minutes and torn down in less than 15. The current show is focused entirely on interactive digital art, as many other shows including the LA Mobile Arts Festival and the P1xels Exhibition are doing a great job covering photography and painting.

Work By
Scott Draves
Electric Sheep
Scott Sona Snibbe
Gravilux, OscilloScoop
Lukas Girling
Graham McDermott
Sandra Rauch
Hansol Huh
ARTREE, TypeDrawing
Jason Smith
David Newman
Julia Kay
Matthew Watkins
Watkins Media
Benjamin Rabe
Mobile Artist
Josh Michaels
Magic Window
Michael Ang
Magic Window
Hal Bergman
Hal Bergman Photography
Chad Richard
Moshen Chan
Living Earth
Orion Elenzil
September 9th-10th, 2013
Future/Canvas X @ 360|iDev
Presented by 360conferences
Two Days Only - 11AM-5PM
Marriott Denver South
Denver, Colorado
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Saturday, April 27th - Sun April 28th, 2013
Future/Canvas X @ 360|Intersect
Presented by 360conferences
Two Days Only - 11AM-5PM
The Triple Door
Seattle, Washington

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
Future/Canvas X @ M|LOVE Confestival
Presented by GAFFTA
One Day Only - 5PM-Midnight
Asimolar Resort
Monterey, California

June 6th-23rd, 2011
Future/Canvas 2 @ WWDC
Presented by ART.COM and GAFFTA
Open Daily for 3 Weeks
Gray Area Foundation for the Arts
San Francisco, California

Saturday December 4th, 2010
Presented by Radish Research
One Night Only - 7PM-Midnight
The Box Factory
San Francisco, California